Facility Guide

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Course Map

  • Main Gate
  • Free Bus (Fan Bus) Bus Stop
  • Winner's Road (Waiting Room for Visitors with Reserved Seats)
  • Off-course Betting Ticket Sales Location
  • Bank CD (Cash Dispenser)
  • Main Entrance to Stands
  • Information
  • Children's Room
  • Children's Open Space
  • Shop (Takoyaki)
  • East Gate
  • Stands
  • Large Video Display
  • Stage Under Main Roof
Virtual Facility Guide

Floor Maps

Drinks section Shop Coin-operated Lockers Men's Restroom Women's Restroom Wheelchair-accessible Restroom

1F Outdoor Seating

Virtual Facility Guide

2F Large Dining Hall

Virtual Facility Guide

3F Inside General Seating

Virtual Facility Guide

7F Royal Seats

There is a dedicated elevator for Royal Seats.
A luxurious space from which you have a panoramic view of the water.

Virtual Facility Guide

Royal Seats

3,000 yen/seat (2,000 yen on off-course and special betting ticket sales days)

Royal Seats are paid, reserved seats that can be used on race days for this course, and for off-course and special betting ticket sales days (designated days only).
Payment for Royal Seats includes free drinks, forecast papers and parking.

*Paid seats are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
*Seats available vary depending on the race.
*The forecast papers are offered for races on this course, as well as off-course SG and G1 races on sale.
*The No. 1 Parking Area and the South Bank Parking area are the designated parking areas. When paying for a reserved seat, please show your parking ticket.